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Source (S92)
2 "Australian Joint Copying Project". British convict transportaion registers.

Microfilm Roll 87, Class and Piece Number HO11/2, Page Number 162 
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4 "Birth Certificate - Harold Workman". Personal Collection.

Original Birth Certificate from St. Lukes Hospital, 1943 
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11 "Funeral Card Inez Mott". Harold Workman. Source (S215)
12 "Funeral Service - Gary Epp".

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John G. Hinds and Flora Ward Or Brodus, 1881 
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16 "Marriage Certificate - Thomas Pickering". Harold Workman. Source (S228)
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18 "Marriage Invitation". Harold Workman. Source (S227)
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Obituary and Funeral Card 
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26 "Pickering Records".

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Source (S231)
27 "Post Card from C. Heckart". Source (S237)
28 "RB Price Obituary". H Workman. Source (S285)
29 "Rebecca Smith PDF".

PDF pedigree Chart by Rebecca Smith 
Source (S238)
30 ...
[Notes from Harold Heckart]: Fred and Lou Maris Ward were married at Lemmon, SD, June 28, 1913. They each homesteaded adjoining acreage claims a few miles from Sorum SD; built a sod house and farmed the land to support 4 babies. He also was agent and claims adjuster for an insurance company during this period, and served as a National Guard Officer during WWI. He entered the U.S. Indian Service in 1922/23. At least I was old enough to recall vividly our move from Sorum to the Rosebud Reservation in our 1918 Model 490 Chevrolet touring car! (Later Dad described it as "4 cylinders for 90 days of service!. Going down a steep grade to the Cheyenne River crossing we struck a cow crossing the road, then had to get help getting the cow out from under the car, and have the radiator repaired.)
His first job with USIS was at a "Milks Camp" as "Boss Farmer" on the Ponca River near St. Charles, SD, (my first school was there), followed by a transfer to the Pine Ridge Reservation (est 1924) to a school and commissary between Allen and Kyle, SD.
In 1928, he left the USIS; joined in a tire vulcanizing business with Dan Colburn in Rosebud, SD. (Whether this was only a business relationship, or also a kinship, I do not know)
In 1930/31 he was agent for a McCormick-Deering implement dealer serving the Crookston, NE to Batesland, SD, area. During this period he also sold courses for LaSalle Extension University, then became full time with them and moved to Alliance, NE, late in 1931. During the depression and there after he did sales and collections for various companies, from Alliance, NE, to Lincoln, NE, to Duluth, MN, to Grand Island, NE, to Cedar Rapids, IA, to Mason City, IA, to Ottawa, KS, to Salina, KS, to Jefferson City, MO, to West Liberty, IA, (Topeka, KS, I don't know, but he may have stopped there briefly enroute to Ottawa, KS, where Mildred was born in 1939). At the time of his death he was associated with McGraw-Hill Publishing Co. selling "Business Week" magazine.
[Notes from Site Owner]:Dan Colburn is apparently related to the Colburn's of Humbolt, IA, and may have been Fred's boyhood friend. Fred died of a heart attack while driving on the road selling Business Week. Another possible marriage date is 6/28/1913, in Lemmon, SD.
[Notes from Vida Workman:] Fred Heckart homesteaded 180 acres near Sorum SD in 1910, following the then popular slogan, "Go West Young Man." Many young people from Iowa and Minnesota went out, believing that they could make a living on 180 acres in SD as well as they could in Iowa. This was an illusion as the soil and climate was quite different. As a result most of these early homesteaders soon headed back home. Fred's boys literally cut their teeth on guns. Fred loved guns and trained his sons early on their use. When Alfred was about 18 months old, seated in the high chair, Dana, playing with Dad's gun, took careful aim at him. The bullet narrowly missed. Other memories of the ranch include the baby rabbits the boys tamed, often teaching them to play ring-around-the rosy with them. Another memory is of riding down the hill in an old buggy that ran over a litter of kittens. They were injured so the boys jumped out and stamped them all to death. While living on the Rosebud Indian Reservation, the boys caught Magpies (cousin to the Mina bird) and made pets of them. These birds loved bright objects, and the boys brought them into the house. One stole a string of my beads and hung them in a high tree, where they may be to this day. 
Heckart, Fred Clarence (I1905)
31 1850 census of USA. Digital images. Source (S173)
32 1870 Source (S168)
33 1880 Census. Workman, John (I2707)
34 1880 wife was Eunis VA, VA. Parnets both from Indiana. Gard, Warren (I984)
35 According to the 1860 census, and 1859 Landowners Map, Stephen farmed land in Sec 25, Cedar Twp, Johnson Co., Ia. He moved to Iowa in 1853. Workman, Stephanas A. (I765)
36 Address was Western College, Iowa. She arrived in Iowa at the age of 1. May have lIved to 104. Lived in Cedar County, Iowa. Moved to Johnson County in March, 1864, to Linn County in March, 1868, to near Marion in October, 1877, and to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in May, 1890, now [1904] residing at 933 Mt. Vernon Avenue, that city. A 1909 Post Card suggests that she was in Oregon. The 1920 Census shows her living with her daughter, Electa, in Seattle, Washington. Electa was known to be living at 704-N-E-6th Ave., Camas, Washington, 1938. [Some notes from John E. Hunt, 1904] Kester, Naomi (I876)
37 Adeline died in infancy. Price, Adeline (I2373)
38 adopted. Cherry, Leonard Henderson (I5744)
39 Adopted. Cherry, Gladys Louise (I5745)
40 After Benjamin's death, Ann married again, probably to Edward Morgan. Meredith, Ann (I2201)
41 After the divorce, Martha and only Maggie moved to live with Samuel P. Jewell (He is the postmaster)in 1870 in North Point, Lewis Twp., Wall MO. Who Samuel is is unclear. By 1880, she and Maggie had moved to Oregon, Holt, MO. Maggie was a school teacher. Samuel had moved to Clark, Atchison, MO and Wesly Workman was now living with him.

In 1850, Jesse and Martha had a Edmund (sp?) Jewell living with them (age 8), and a Sarah (sp?) Workman living with them (age 3/12). They lived next to Isaac in Madison Co., Ohio.

In 1900, Martha is in the State Hospital for the Insane, Washington 
??, Martha J. (I3780)
42 After their marrage, John and Gertrude immediately went West to Pottawattamie County in western Iowa. Gertude's sister Sarah was apparently already living there. Sarah died in 1890, and eventually
John and Gertude returned to Linn County. John and Gertrude separated soon after Lawrence was born, and the children remained with their mother. The Cherry family did not particularly approve of John's actions, and when she died, she was buried in the Cherry plot. John is buried elsewhere in the same cemetery. But the 1920 census shows the family living together in Coggon, Linn Co., and John is also living in Cedar Rapids as a roomer (Frank Workman). 
Workman, John Franklin (I546)
43 AKA "JOHN" Cannot find wife in census, or daughter before marriage. Cripe, Jonathan (I1012)
44 AKA Jeremiah. Lived in Hartoft. Pickering, Jeremiah (I1686)
45 All 3 children were living in 1900. Her parents were both born in NY. Phelps, Amelia M. (I925)
46 All data for Margaret and descendants is from Tjaden's book. Heckart, Margaret Catherine (I843)
47 Also known as Rhoda. Winterringer, Rhooana (I1167)
48 Also spelled Earnest in 1880 census. Lloyd, Ernest (I2216)
49 Source (S207)
50 Source (S208)

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