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Oscar&Martha Workman
Oscar & Martha Workman, 1913
John Workman
John, Lawrence, and Irma Workman, 1939
Dana Heckart
Dana Heckart, 1942
Welcome To the Price-Workman Genealogy

This database is the genealogy portions of the Workman family and the Price family.  The Workman family begins with Isaac S. Workman, who was born in 1795 just north of Frostburg, Maryland.  He traveled across the country with his family, eventually ending up in Iowa.  There are several other Workmans born into this Maryland family and they are documented in other genealogies.

The Price family originated with Benjamin Price in 1822 in Radnorshire, Wales.  He immigrated to the US in 1868 and eventually settled at York, Nebraska by 1871.

Other major family names of research interest in this genealogy are Allen, Austin, Boyer, Cherry, Heckart (Heckert), Mahlin, Pickering, Sheeks, Ward, Winterringer, Woods.

Please enter the genealogy section home page to search for specific names of interest, or browse the surname list.  If you would like to contribute an additional name, or  find errors, please contact me.

The genealogical pages have been set to keep living persons hidden from  searches.  However, on occasion a living person for which there is no birth date may show in the listings.  If you find an person that is obviously alive, please let me know. Family members may request a login ID and password in order to access the names of living individuals.  Much of the information contained herein has been from secondary sources, not primary sources.  Therefore, any use of this information must be used with care and verified independently.

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Luzella Sheeks
Luzella (Sheeks) Price
RB Price
Richard Benjamin Price, 1915
Ben,Charles,Norris Price
Ben, Charles, Norris Price 1941